....proof that style can be bought!

Welcome to the home of SkyPixie Design.


Why SkyPixie?  Because it's fun and flighty, it's unique and slightly quirky, but most of all because it's an expression of freedom.  Like the jewellery on this site, a SkyPixie may not appeal to everyone, it may not conform, but it's always worth keeping an eye on!


On the following pages you will see a selection of my unique jewellery, designed and crafted in deepest East Sussex.  Some of the items are for sale.  Some, like a SkyPixie, are here to briefly tease you and have now flitted off to shine their light somewhere else.  Like friends they are never forgotten.


Keep coming back - you might just find your very own SkyPixie!


Sally Pitman 


 My photography can be found here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/skypixie/